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Full Bathroom Remodel + Kitchen Remodel

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    Review from our Client, Lisa W.

    Flaherty's Saves the Day!

    We had flood damage on 2/14/2021 and what a crazy day for my husband and I. We had 1 and ½ inches of water in a lot of the house. While we got the water out, we needed professional help. Patrick had installed our wood floors over 15 years ago and when we learned he did Kitchen and Bathroom remodels; he was our first choice. I was overwhelmed with all the choices to make.

    I walked into the showroom and was blessed to get Tara as my salesperson. She was truly amazing. I had spent hours searching for the perfect kitchen and bathroom on the internet, but she made it so easy to make decisions. My anxiety was over. Working with Tara as a professional answered my prayers.

    She helped me design the house we have dreamed about for years. They did a great job and were fast and efficient. Only 3 months to do a huge job and we decided to do more while doing the kitchen and bathroom. Their employees were always on time, professional, and respected our home while working. You could never tell while under construction and that was huge for us. We were kept in the loop through the whole process and the timeline was kept to the exact date. This is a family-owned business and they helped with dealing with the insurance company as well.

    Tara’s eye for detail and project management is truly amazing.  I would highly recommend using them to take care of your family’s biggest investment and making your home into a DREAM HOME! We pinch ourselves everyday with how amazing our house is now.